Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th... a day late....

Well, almost two days late....
We had a nice 4th of July weekend....we went down to Philadelphia on Thursday to see the University of Pennsylvania where Sam will go to college. We ate Cheesesteaks for lunch, great tacos for a snack, and Thai food for dinner...gee...think we ate enough? We went to the Penn bookstore and bought T-Shirts and a sweatshirt for my Mom...and sat and just looked around and took in the sights. Sam showed me just where his college house is and about where his room will was a nice day to be together , just the four of us.I see him fitting in there so well and I realize that those days of the four of us together may become fewer and fewer and I just cherish each moment....

On the 4th I made some Red Velvet Cupcakes and had fun decorating them...and everyone had fun eating them. We had BBQ chicken, home made cole slaw, corn on the cob, and I can not think of what else at the pics...we were too busy eating and having fun....just pics of the cupcakes...

My husband left for Brussels this afternoon for the rest of the month...we are going to miss him...he will miss my birthday and our 28th wedding anniversary. It just does not feel right with him gone..but ya gotta do what ya gotta do....

It has been a lovely week...last week baby graduated from high school...
He is on the left....

Happy times...bittersweet times...times of change...
Hats off to you Sam...


  1. Your son is sooo good looking!!
    You must be very proud of him.. A new beginning is right~Love your cuppies..the little flags are the perfect accoutrement!

  2. Linda, I've missed your posts.

    Congratulations to you and your son.

    And your day sounded like the perfect foodie day to me.

  3. Gorgeous cupcakes, and handsome son! Congrats to your son for entering UPenn - what a fantastic accomplishment.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful day in philadelphia. The cupcakes are great. This is really american for us germans...

  5. Hi Linda, I have an award on my blog for you ;-). Would be glad if you grab it... Greetings

  6. great pic! looks like the grad party was dry???

    your 4th sounds great, super pics and you really got to check it all out in style!

  7. Jain...we had a few drops fall on us. There were black clouds but they missed us mostly. When it was all over the sun came a miracle!
    It was a lovely evening...

  8. Hi Linda,

    I found your recipe for red velvet cupcakes. They look wonderful. I tried another recipe before and followed it exactly, and it was awful. I have a questions for you and was wondering if I could contact you via e-mail? You can get in touch with me through my blog.

    Thanks so much!

  9. Congratulations to your son and to you as well!

  10. Thank ladies....

    Nirmala you can reach me at...
    I would be happy to hear from you!

  11. Great cupcakes! Congrats to your son!

  12. Congratulations! You must be so proud. And what beautiful cupcakes you make!

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