Monday, July 27, 2009

The end of July.....

I can not believe that it is the end of July already. This has been the "un-summer" here in the Northeast...we have had tons of rain and cooler than average temps. My husband and kids are all in Europe at the moment...they will be home on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. I am very happy. It had been all too quiet here lately. They missed my birthday on Friday and our 28th wedding anniversary on Sunday...we will celebrate all of it when they return.

Last night we had a fierce storm...thunder and lightning and hail....huge big hail...some the size of quarters...
There are leaves looks like a war zone outside at the moment. I have never seen anything quite like this. Imagine pouring rain....but this was pouring hail! On July 26th!
This was a spot on my front lawn...I could have shoveled it...
I actually got scared and ran into my basement...the power went out...the phones went out...and in about 15 minutes it was over and the sun came was wild!
These were huge...about the size of quarters(US!)

I just realized that I have only posted once in has been a really busy month...


  1. Oh my gosh..Happy belated Bday and anniversary..Pauvre toi!

    And the hail..:( I am happier for you when you are showing me your salts that look like this..yet even smaller!

    Happy next Wednesday and Thursday to you.I hope they spoil you w/ attention:)~

  2. They better Monique....
    I know the boys are ready to come home...
    They are already thinking about what they would love to eat!

  3. wow that is some hail! before i read the text, i thought to myself, "she must have dumped out some extra ice from a party or something"!!

  4. Oh my goodness...hale in July! That sounds cool and sure does beat the heat that we have been having!