Saturday, June 27, 2009

Leftover Lobster?

The idea of leftover lobster sounds almost impossible to me. But I did find myself with two leftover, big, fat ,1.5 pounders and made up a few lobster rolls for dinner the other night. The last time I made these was at Christmastime. You must have the top split New England style frankfurter rolls for these...not all that easy to find here in New Jersey, but my local A& P for some reason always has them. The rolls get a nice toast in a skillet in melted butter on either side.

The lobster meat gets tossed with nice squeeze of lemon juice, a little bit of Hellmann's Mayo, some finely chopped celery,freshly ground black pepper... and a snip of a few chives from my garden over top. It all gets mixed together gently and is loaded onto a Boston lettuce lined toasted roll. We had these with some potato chips, dill pickles, and an ice cold was a wonderful dinner. I closed my eyes and felt I was sitting in the hot sun, on a bench at a fish shack in New England. We were happy as clams!


  1. OK..I could sink my teeth right into those right now..

    The toasted bun..the mayo..the lobster.
    I can taste it!
    I had one ..The Marginal Way~

    I have a lifelong memory of it..and yours ..brought me right back there..overlooking the ocean on a cliff.

    We always toasted our buns that way:) The best!

  2. I can't find those rolls anywhere here in Dallas. :( Your lobster rolls look delicious. Perfect dinner.

  3. Hi linda, I love lobster, this refreshing meal sounds great. have a nice weekend. anja

  4. Wow, leftover lobster! Can't imagine such a thing. I tried a lobster roll many years ago when I visited a friend in Boston.

    That's my idea of an great meal.

  5. Your lobster rolls look just like what they serve along the coast of Maine, Linda. Soooo good....

  6. Oh thanks my friends....they were so good. I bought 6 big lobsters and Mike and I could only eat so many before we I had two leftover. They are on sale again this week for $4.99 a pound for hard shell lobster...guess what? I am getting them again! Lori you could always take regular hot dog bun...stand it up with the opening on top and slightly shave off the crust on the one will know the difference!
    Mike goes back to Brussels next there will be another lobster fest before he goes...yeah baby!

  7. oh yum... i have never had leftover lobster so this is rather an exciting treat to me!

    hope you had a great grad party~

  8. Lobster rolls should be simple and straightforward, just like yours. That's how we do it here in New England!

  9. My oh my that is heaven on a plate! Fabulous! What a summer meal!