Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Tiny Berry Pies...

If you look at my past few posts it would seem that all we do here is eat pie. Life has been busy and full. My boys are both working and my husband is flying back to Brussels as I type this...
On the 4th we had Porterhouse steaks on the grill, tomato salad, grilled time to take pics of those.
But we did have tiny individual Blueberry/Blackberry pies baked in small 5 inch pie plates. What fun they were!

Delicious too...
I baked a larger version on my husbands birthday...Flag Day. We liked the tiny pies even better.

The recipe is in the July issue of Martha Stewart Living. The same one I made previously...but the Pate Brisee recipe is made not double. These were a labor of love...turning on the oven on one of the hottest days of the year? Yeah...I know...crazy! But I had fun.

I wish you all beautiful warm summer days....berry juice dripping down your chins...and lots of love. Summer is here and gone before you know it.

The source for the 5 inch pie tins is:
Ultimate they are out of Washington State. I spoke to a wonderful gentleman named Doug, who was very friendly and helpful as they were bombarded with orders for these little pans. They offered a discount if you spent a certain amount and of course i found some other things to buy!
This is the url for the pans: 5 inch pie pan set of 4


  1. Wow ! those are really full fledged pies. you are very generous. It shows :)

  2. Adorable little pies! I live in a very long apartment and the kitchen is at the end... I too turned on the oven.... then ran away! I can see it was worth it in your case. The stars just make them perfect, and how I love blueberry pie!

  3. Oh, those just say summer! I love the stars. Blueberries are just starting to be on sale here. And everyone lovers their own little pie. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful pies, Your star crust is lovely and so festive. What is it about individual size desserts that everybody loves so much? Must be the thought that they were made just for us.

  5. Beautiful work, dear Linda! Love those with the stars. :)

  6. Linda, your pies are so cute. Love the stars.


  7. aren't those gorgeous! i have to do a blueberry pie for food for thought, i think i found it!

    gosh hubby gone already, time flies, hope you are doing well~

    ps only eating pie on your blog is not a bad thing!

  8. they came out beautiful, anything mini calls to me

  9. Linda, those pies are adorable and so festive. You do good work, girl. Where did you get the 5" pie plates? I have never seen them.

    I sure hope that you come to New England with Jake to look at schools. Wasn't two years ago this time?

  10. Thank you my dears...thanks for stopping by and visiting.

    I will edit the post to include the source for the pans as well as change in recipe...later on as it is oppressively hot today!

    I think that the addition of the blackberries just make this pie...takes the flavor to another level. It is so simple as well.. was two years ago exactly we were in Boston looking at schools....but Jake...he is thinking warmer weather. We shall see...I am still hoping for Boston
    or close by. He has beaches on his mind! Riiiiiight!

    Maybe... I can farm him out to Jain...he was talking UC Berkeley last night...:)

  11. What an adorable and beautiful idea. Love the ones with the stars especially.

  12. Absolutely SPECTACULAR Sweet Linda!

    No fireworks needed, you've the celebration going on right there!!

    You did a fabulous job, and captured them perfectly. Magazine quality. VERY nice! xoxo

  13. Where's my pie, darn it! Gorgeous...

  14. Linda......your pies are soooo cute. They look so patriotic and adorable.

  15. Too cute to eat.........NOT! Just adorable, love these!

  16. Just ordered the pie plates, Linda. It is almost blueberry seasons here and if the humidity drops I will make these WITH blackberries.

    Thanks for your help -- I will love these pie plates! xo

  17. Thank you so much everyone...I hope you try them and love them!

    I will advise you to freeze the ones you are not going to use in a day or two....then you can have a tiny pie waiting for you!

  18. Too sweet! Those pies look delicious! Sounds like you had a wonderful 4th even with everyone so busy. Thanks for the link to the pie tins.

  19. Aww these pies are fantastic and so pretty!! You are very talented! I'm definitely going to try these soon :) So glad to be a new follower!

  20. Thank you Kelly!
    So glad you stopped by!