Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Hot Apple Pie

It was a lovely Thanksgiving day...a particularly lovely rustic apple pie...
There was the usual cast of characters...the Turkey and stuffing and gravy and two kinds of potatoes...mashed and sweet. Veggies galore...and no pictures or recipes used. The same in my head way of doing things for the last 30 odd years of making the dinner...Of course there was the pumpkin pie with softly whipped cream, there would be mutiny with out that.
I did try a new apple pie recipe which we loved...
Martha Stewart's Spiced Apple Pie....
I was going to make the top crust all cut out leaves. But instead of taking all that time I just made a simple top crust and etched in a tiny little apple and leaf at the very top of the pie. If you look closely you can see it...

We ate this warm with vanilla bean ice was a lovely pie. Apple pie is not always easy to get just right. This one was just right for Thanksgiving Day...and it is gone.

Here is a link to the complete recipe...I did mix my apples. Half Gala and half Granny Smith...
Martha Stewart's Spiced Apple Pie


  1. I just read about her pie:) You did her proud:) I see ..I looked closely enough:) So pretty and rustic looking..
    Jacques adores apple pie..and it's his first request ..

  2. Rustic is GOOD! This apple pie looks divine. Heavenly. Ethereal. Especially when it's basking in that glorious sunlight! Beautiful, Linda! Just beautiful!


  3. Yes rustic is always perfect for me. LOvely pie and I like the etching, the ups and downs.... everything a homemade pie should have and look like!

  4. Sorry I've been AWOL Linda ~

    This is a beautiful pie, I can only imagine how delicious it was. :)

    I spy! Tastespotting loves your stuff, and rightly so. ((hugs))

  5. Thanks so much Mary...
    it is hilarious really!....FG said I had lighting/composition problems...

  6. What a beautiful pie, Linda. Your crust is perfect. Would love a big slice with some ice cream.

  7. Linda, your pie is a beauty. I can just imagine how good it tasted, warm with vanilla ice cream.

  8. The boys said it was one of the best...I really think it was the apples...
    The pate brisee is always no fail...
    Thanks for stopping by sweeties!

  9. Gorgeous pie, Linda!! Apple pie is DD's favorite. Next time I will try to make one identical to yours!!


  10. You're right about how it's not easy to get it right, but yours looks just perfect. One of my husband's favorite desserts.

  11. Stopping by to send HBD wishes to your J! I know you'll be having a wonderful celebration. xoxo

  12. It looks like it just came out of the oven on a warm summer morning.. great ligh!

  13. Thank you my dears...

    I love your blog lostpastremembered...we share a love of old things...thanks for stopping by!

    It was a sunny autumn Thanksgiving morning...just right for a pie!