Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It is a great day today.....

The scene early this morning in my yard...the picture does not do enough to express the beauty of the moon still showing and the snow sparkling on the ground and in the trees....

This is the kind of day that makes me so happy to be alive and here to experience history....
It is indeed a great day!


  1. I agree..I am Canadian and watched the inaugural speech..So moving!
    A great day indeed.
    I love your invites:) Yours?

  2. It is a wonderful day...one with great promise for the future!

    Sadly we were unable to attend ,but we will have these invitations framed for the kids to have for the future...a day they will never forget.

  3. Thanks for sharing your pics of the invites Linda, and I love your winter backyard.

    Everybody I know in Canada watched the Inauguration and I saw on the news tons of buses left for DC packed for the overnight drive and back the same evening. All the tickets were sold out. It was a 10 hour drive.

    Hope to see the pic when you frame it........

  4. Linda,

    I agree!! Love the pictures and may try to make the oatmeal cookies!


  5. Thanks Rose...thank you for stopping by!