Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jewish Pennicillin....and other stories

The Jewish holidays are coming up very quickly, they are just around the corner...I have not been posting here because we had some damage from the hurricane and our basement flooded. We are trying to get everything back to normal at the moment but I do not have access to my computer which is a desk top and no access to my pics. I am also not able to upload any pics at the moment either....So I thought I would give you link to my chicken soup since the picture is already here. I am on a borrowed lap top at the moment. I am hoping that my dining room which now contains most of the contents of out basement will be cleared out before the holidays. If not...we will have to make other plans.
I am hoping to be back posting here again soon...but in the meantime the soup...I could use a bowl right now myself!

Jewish Chicken Soup


  1. Sounds like it's been a hard time at your house lately. I'm sorry about that. You know how much I love this recipe!

  2. I hope it all works out and that you can get back to normal and that you didn't lose too much.

    I was all full of myself thinking that I had dodged a bullet with the hurricane... then the basement flooded twice the next week! I hope that's it for a while, honestly, there is still water standing in some areas in the park. The ground is still too wet after all this time! Fingers crossed!

  3. Sorry you had basement flooding. I know how much work that can be - it happened to me too, but the water receded and I have things back in order again. It's such a big job though to clean up, and I'm surprised you were able to post at all. I think Jewish Penicillin is one half step removed from Italian penicillin. Up in the Alto Adige region of Italy, they make canederli in broth, which look - and taste - just like matzo balls.

  4. This soup is worth repeating!!! My favorite chicken soup EVER! Hands down the best recipe...thanks so much for sharing it~

    Hope your basement will be good as new...and you'll be back to cooking and baking your tantalizing dishes.

  5. This soup is The Best!!! Thank you Linda for nursing my family through many colds...

  6. Oh thank you all of my soup loving friends...hugs to you Margi, Lizzy, and Regina...I am happy to have been able to give you this is such a big part of me. has been a mess....but now my husband is painting and it is nice to smell fresh paint instead of musty yuck. There is still water standing around here as well. Hoping for no more rain tomorrow...fingers crossed.I just want my house back in order. It is a mess... know what? In Yiddish the name for Matzo Balls is Knaidlach(pl) or Knaidel(sing.)
    it is a dumpling which came from the German word Knödel (dumpling)...I have always marveled at the similarity of the word "canederli" which must also have a German root, I first heard about those watching Lidia is a small world isn't it!So many similarities!

  7. ...and a very Happy New Year to you and your family, Linda!!! <3

  8. I feel so sorry for you and all this mess:(

    Never fun to have our nest in upheavel..Glad you have the recipe for the penicillin..It cures all I hear:) Looks great..As always thank you.

    Bon Courage..

  9. Thank my friends...all is coming along. I just want my computer back!
    I want to upload some pics...soon I hope!

  10. Hi Linda - I've been thinking about you and hope you get your life put back together soon. I could use a bowl of your wonderful soup too. I know it would make me feel better.

  11. I wish I could send you a cyber bowl if you are not feeling well!
    (((((hugs))))) Cathy!

  12. i am not online much these days since i try and spend a couple of weeks a month at sea dream, i missed that you had storm damage :(

    i hope you get everything back to normal soon, wishing you dry days soon!

  13. Thanks Jain...everything is coming along. Still do not have my own computer up and running yet though...
    soon I hope!

  14. I'm so sorry to hear, Linda....
    I love your Chicken Soup's a keeper and good for the soul too!
    Hope you back on track soon!

  15. so hope all gets better very soon. The recipe is wonderful and your blog is lovely! I'm signing up to follow you and look forward to more :)

  16. Hi Linda,
    Your soup is definitely worth repeating - again and again! Now, if I could just get someone to make it for me! :)

    I hated reading about your flooding. What an awful thing to go through. I hope everything is back on track, the basement and contents are dried, out of your dining room and the stress of it all is behind you.
    xo isa

  17. Thanks is coming along. We are having new carpet put down on Wednesday...then we can start getting everything back in order. It has been a long month! But we are very lucky compared to many!

    Wish I could send you some soup...
    Thanks for stopping by!

  18. oooo- I have a pot of this on the stove as I write this. Yours looks delish, comforting, and hearty!

  19. Eeek! Seems to be the season for trouble, I've heard a lot of similar stories lately. That said-- you've gotta know how much I love this post! I truly believe that Jewish Penicillin can cure just about anything that ails us... ;)

  20. Thank Tori!
    Believe it or not I just had a bowl of this for dinner tonight! I feel much better now.

    Thanks you so much for stopping by...
    I hope to get my blog back up and running soon!