Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chicken Souvlaki from Monique....

Thank you Monique for your inspiration and this wonderful recipe! If you have never visited my friend at La Table de Nana you should not delay. Monique is such a talented cook and photographer...a true artiste! More than anything else she is a warm, kind, and just lovely human being. Here is a link to her post and the recipe...
I prepare Greek Food often...but this one is just a little different than the one I usually make. The guys declared it a keeper and so do I. I served this with Tzatziki and a big Greek salad and Greek pocketless pita that I heated right on the grill...never got time to take a pic of my Tzatziki...oh well.

Wonderful summer meal....
I have not been around for a while and more than likely will not be here too much for the rest of the summer.
I am getting my youngest son ready to go away to college. We have been spending a lot of time together and it has been lovely...bittersweet ...but lovely. In a matter of weeks he will be gone. My nest will be empty for the first time in almost 21 years.
This weekend everyone is home and we are all together as a family for the last time until October when both my college boys come home for Fall Break. Today is my birthday and we are having a lovely family day. I made this dinner last night...we all enjoyed it. In fact this is the second time I made it since she posted the recipe. I have made this with both chicken breast and boneless chicken thighs. Comes out great either way.
Thanks again Monique!


  1. Let me wish you a Happy Birthday Linda..
    How sweet is this post?
    And bittersweet..
    Linda ..I remember the day we became empty nesters as if it was yesterday..our girls moved in together.

    Oh I thought I would never be the same..

    But I was..and it became normal..everyone had told me that..and they were right.
    We adore our you:) Just different genders:)

    It does eventually work out..

    You will pick up your will see..
    Do me a favor ..and enjoy every precious moment now...and after..

    Thank you for enjoying this recipe..The author(in Sunset..) is a sweetheart and so are you.

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  2. Thank you my friend...I am so happy to call you a dear "netfriend"...I feel blessed to know you!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes and daily inspiration!

  3. It is bittersweet when big changes like that happen... have a great time... we will miss you but look forward to seeing you when you get back... that was a great looking dish... haven't had souvlaki in ages!

  4. Happy, happy birthday, Linda. There is no better way to spend your special day than with your family. I remember how sad I was when my youngest went away to college. It was a tough adjustment.

    The souvlaki looks fantastic. Monique's recipes are always the best.

  5. happy belated bday to you!

    your dinner looks so good too... wish someone could cook for me here! i don't call her the divine miss m for nothing!

    enjoy your boys, i know its going to be sad when your nest empties :(

  6. Thank you my dears...
    Uh Jain...a personal chef for you could easily be arranged...think of me if you are serious! LOL...who knows I may want to run away sometime!
    She certainly is the divine Miss M.!!!

    I had a wonderful day yesterday with my family....did not cook a thing!

  7. Happy Happy belated birthday, Linda. I hope you enjoyed your birthday with your familiy also in view of the upcoming changes. I was just moved about your words. It must be an emotianoal time... think of you.

  8. Thanks for sharing another wonderful blog with us all. What a delicious recipe!

    PS...I was getting teary visiting colleges with Nick this summer...and he still has another year! I feel for you, my friend :(

  9. Thanks my friends....
    Big changes are always hard...but life marches on and every phase is full of good things...

  10. Happy belated birthday Linda!
    My middle child (and only son) is off to college this fall too. So happy for him, but so hard for us.
    Hope you had a delicious day.

  11. Looks so yummy...I've always wanted to try this at home but haven't felt inspired until today. Thank you!

  12. Thanks for stopping by to visit!

  13. What a lovely post! I adore Greek food. Wishing you and your son all the best during this transition!

  14. Thank you for stopping by Tori! Love your blog!

  15. ♫♫ Happy (Belated) Birthday to YOU!!! ♫♫
    How wonderful that you are getting to spend this special summer with your son, Linda.

    I hear you on the approaching *empty nest* syndrome & can very much relate. Its not easy to let them go, but trust me, they'll be back....again & again...with dirty laundry...then girlfriends...then young wives....then GRANDBABIES!!!! The best part of all. ~~Big Grin~~

    Hang in there, Honey & thank you for all the delicious recipes that you share.


  16. Thank you so much Rett!
    Hugs back at you...

  17. I'm a little late for the party, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday surrounded by your family. Empty nesting is something you'll get used to pretty quickly, if my experience counts for anything. It makes family gatherings all the more special when they come home - and this chicken souvlaki looks pretty special too. I am having a bbq this week for friends and this will be on the menu.

  18. Thanks Linda...I appreciate your kind words.
    I am happy for him...I gave him wings so he can fly...He is more than ready...
    But he is my baby...
    I was watching "Father of the Bride" the other night hysterically crying...OY what a picture I was...
    My mother says...oh you will be used to it really fast. I believe her...

  19. this looks so delicious .. thanks for sharing ,.

  20. Thank YOU for stopping by! I hope you will enjoy this if you try it!