Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year...2011 is 1/1/11...
I have spent the day recovering from a lovely New Years Eve...I steamed 20 live lobsters last night and it took a lot out of the two bottles of champagne we consumed didn't hurt!

A nice brunch of Migas, pinto beans, and Mexican rice along with some freshly made pico de gallo....that would do the trick! Lots of strong coffee too!

I wanted to show all of you my Molten chocolate cake that had been frozen, baked off in a convection toaster oven...not unmolded...ready in no time...
 I baked my last batch of holiday cookies yesterday to take to a dear friends house for her birthday...which also happens to be New Years Eve...

Some Scottish Shortbread....

My friend Ernie's wonderful recipe for Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti...
Kissed with a touch of melted white chocolate....

That was it for 2010... I want to thank all of you who visit here for coming...for commenting...for just being there...and most of all for your friendship and support.

I wish all of you a very Happy and Healthy 2011... may each day be filled with all you love!


  1. TWENTY live lobsters??!! OMG girl... what a feat! 2 bottles of Champagne seem reasonable after all of that work. (Hope you saved some for dinner!) :D

    Your cookies and biscotti look like perfection (and the Molten lava cakes, too!) Happy New Year, my sweet friend! xoxo ~m.
    P.S. My adoption papers are in the mail. ♥♥♥

  2. PPS. I forgot to tell you... now I'm craving your Migas ~ with all of the sides and condiments . Yum!

  3. Happy new year dear Linda! looks like youve baked so many goodies! YUM

  4. 20 lobsters! What a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration you had. I've bookmarked your molten chocolate cake recipe and can't wait to try it. I love that it can be frozen so I can bake one or two as I need them.

    Happy New Year to you as well, dear friend. I hope 9011 will be a good year for us all.

  5. Oops, I meant 2011. LOL Time passes quickly but not that fast!

  6. It's been our pleasure to be here in 2010.. now let's move on:) I can't believe you cooked 20 lobsters!!

    My DSIL made some and the 5 yr old and 3 yr old were scared:) And they told me they transformed(like transformers) in the water to red!!:) But Max said their daddy had given them shields.. Both Max and Lulu were given the stockpot defense:)
    I LOL'd..

    Thought you might too..
    Tout a l'air si bon Linda..

    Thank you for everything!

  7. i would like to eat lobster again. it's been a while since i did. happy new year linda and alle the best for you and your family.

  8. Thank you my dears...I am still recovering from the lobster extravaganza...It was feat...I used three 12 quart pots and divided the twenty between them...I put them in the pots first then added a few cups of cold water to the pots...put on the covers and turned up the heat. This way they go to sleep and you are not plunging them into a vat of boiling water. I think they are more tender that way. About 20 minutes after the water started to boil and they were perfect.
    But that amount of lobster kind of freaked me out...I have had my fill for a while.

  9. Mary...I am anxiously awaiting the papers...

  10. I love the shortbread cookies, I really think I am going to give them a try next year.

  11. 20 lobsters??? OMG Woody Allen would have died (remember Annie Hall??). I didn't entertain at all for New Years, just me and the Doc.... and way too much 12th night cake!! I think the beans look great but my eyes are still on the chocolate cake!

  12. You are'll get mileage out of that lobster story for years. Wishing you a happy, healthy 2011!

  13. Oh my goodness, twenty lobsters! I cannot imagine...yes, the champagne would help! Happy New Year! I have enjoyed visiting your site this last year. Thank you.

  14. Mmmm 20 lobsters - must have been some party!
    Happy New Year Linda!

  15. Wow, a lobsterstravaganza that you and your guests will long remember. Love those molten lava cakes and biscotti too.

  16. Thank so much my friends...thank you for stopping by!
    I wish all of you a very happy and healthy and prosperous New year!

  17. Linda,
    Sounds like you had a fabulous New Year's Eve celebration! That's quite a feat to steam 20 live lobsters! Love that chocolate cake!
    Well Done!
    Happy New Year,

  18. Thank Pam...good to see have been missed!

  19. happy new year linda, your pics are mouthwatering!

    we spent the day looking at houses in the snow today on the summit, 8' high, you could barely see a thing :( scott wants a snow house, i want the beach... tug of war!

  20. The food here is mouth wateringly beautiful. I could just look at the pictures and feel full. I am happy to find you by way of Thibeaults Table.

    Have a wonderful weekend!