Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Chanukah....Latkes and Birthday cakes

Today is my baby boy's 18th seems like yesterday he was born. Where does the time go? I am off to bake his birthday cake....he is a RED VELVET boy...he requested a repeat of last years cake.
There are delicious memories today of all his birthdays and all of the cakes, all of the smiles, and all of the kisses.
We have given him wings and he is ready to fly...I still feel like I need a Xanax every time he gets into a car to drive... I am going to have to get over that...I am working on it.

It is also Chanukah and last night I tried a new latke recipe that I found on Sarabeth Levine's new blog
"Sarabeth-Goddess of Bakedom" . It is a lovely place to visit. I got her new cookbook, Sarabeth's Kitchen and I have been reading through it cover to cover. It is a gorgeous book. The Latke recipe is from Mimi  Sheraton's book "From my Mother's Kitchen". It is a killer recipe. Just click on Sarabeth's link for the recipe. I have an old tattered copy of Mimi's book and I could not find it, despite looking for a long time. I will look again today, it is also a wonderful cookbook.
I have been making latkes for many years and they are pretty darned good...but this recipe is even better than what I have been making. The latkes were light due to the separation of the eggs and beating the whites to fold in at the end. The method of preparing them is key.
I usually use the food processor when making latkes and I grated the potatoes by hand using Mimi's recipe.It was quick and easy, I will continue to use this recipe from now on for sure.
They were crisp and golden brown and not in the least bit greasy.
I like them with both applesauce and sour cream....these were really a hit. They were gone in the blink of an eye.

Happy Chanukah to all my friends and family.....may the light of the candles shine in your hearts...and even if you do not one really needs a reason to eat delicious potato pancakes.


  1. I'm so glad you shared your favorite latke recipe, Linda! I just made Hilary's and now I'll have to try yours. Is the potato flour crucial or could I just use AP? Thanks!

  2. These look delightful! I will be giving your latke recipe a try. I have made potato pancakes but these look much more exciting! Thank you.

  3. Linda....My mouth is watering. These look so good. When I was growing up and they would whip these up, they always used potato flour. I think maybe it's an eastern European thing, b/c I know they use a lot of potato flour for things.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe and great photo's.
    Happy Chanukah! and Happy Birthday to your son. :-)

  4. Happy Chanuka, and Happy, Happy 18th to J!! Lots of celebrating going on at your house, yes? :D

    Mmmmm! Those latkes look divine, and very light. Thank you for finding the recipe and sharing it with us. Gorgeous photos, too! xo ~m.
    P.S. I just logged on to blogger to post a redux of a latke post that I did a while back... and your beautiful photo popped up on my blogroll feed. gmta!!

  5. happy chanukah linda! these look lovely~

    come share a holiday book at food for thought this month, love to see what you are reading and and special traditions you share:)

  6. I am a very fortunate girl since I just restocked my potato bin with some wonderful varieties from the green market. I'm making these babies tomorrow!
    Happy Chanukah to you, Linda. And how lucky your son is to have a mom to make a red velvet cake for you!!!

  7. Happy Chanukah ~ What a great mom:) I just saw Red Velvet in a magazine:) I love how you love your family..I went through that driving worry too..Thanks for this recipe..I will save it..
    I hope your holidays are happy and magical.

  8. Lizzy...I use Matzo meal. I keep it in the freezer for latkes and for matzo balls. It lasts just about forever. I never use AP flour in Latkes. If I would have had potato starch I would have used it.

    Thanks everyone! I have to thank Sarabeth for this recipe. It proves you can teach an old dog new tricks,lol!

  9. Linda, those look delicious!! I love the idea of separating the eggs. I'll be trying these this weekend. Thanks and all my best to you and yours!!


  10. Nothing like latkes fresh from the stovetop. These look amazing Linda!

  11. Perfect timing...tonight is latke night in our house and I think I'll give this one a try. Your look delicious!
    Happy birthday to your son too. My boy will be 18 next spring. So hard to believe how grown up they are, isn't it?

  12. Oh, Linda, how could you? I'm trying to lose some weight and here you go posting photos that make me drool. Sigh...and thanks!

  13. Hope you all enjoy them if you make them...

    And my dear Kate...if you use the potato starch they will be gluten/wheat free...ahem...xo

    Hope you all enjoy them if you make them. I make really good latkes, I have to say but these were better, especially if you are making them for a smaller crowd.

  14. i know now what i cook tomorrow. that looks delicious. i hope you had a good birthday-family-holiday-time.

  15. Hey Linda! I've found your little pot! WAHOO! (I'm doing the happy dance over here). Email me and we'll figure out hot to get it to you...

  16. What could be more delicious than a light, crispy potato pancake? Thanks, Linda, for sending me over to Sarabeth's blog. I'm looking forward to spending some time there.

    Congrats to your son on his 18th birthday and Happy Chanukah to you and your family.

  17. Thank you my friends...
    Happy Holidays to all!