Friday, October 29, 2010

Marie-Hélène's Apple Cake- French Fridays with Dorie

I just love this recipe. It was so easy and delicious. I purchased my apples at our last Farmer's Market of the year. Just picked that Granny Golden Winesap....and one Macoun. It was lovely tasting the different flavors of the fresh apple in the cake. I had exactly three tablespoons of Myer's Rum left in the bottle....this cake was meant to be.

 The aroma in the house while it was baking was simply amazing....intoxicating!  I think the rum and the vanilla really complement the cake beautifully. If I did not have any dark rum in the house I would absolutely use some Calvados which I always have on hand.
I did not have an 8 inch springform pan so I figured that this was the perfect time to get one. I ordered one from Amazon and while I was at it I ordered a 10 inch as well...hey, the shipping was free, right? So two Fat Daddio springform pans arrived and they looked great. I have some other Fat Daddio pans that I have really liked. Anodized aluminum and much less expensive than the German ones I really wanted. What a leaked! So they are both going back to Amazon as soon as I get the chance. It does not pay to try to save money on bakeware. The pan has a nice lip on the bottom of the pan, made to catch those leaks! Well...the baked on batter was lovely to pick off and taste I must admit! But I do not like the pan at all. I have another 9 inch springform that I have been using for over 20 years and it has never leaked.
Sorry to was disappointing.

I decided that I just HAD to remove the cake from the spring form bottom. I should have let it cool a bit longer because I took a bit of the lovely brown top of the cake off when I inverted the cake onto a parchment lined cake board. No matter...a little sprinkle of powdered sugar hides a multitude of sins!
This recipe reminds me of another wonderful French apple cake recipe from Patricia Well's called the
"Apple Lady's Apple Cake". It is similar in that there are more apples than cake and it is made in a similar manner. I think I love Marie-Hélène's cake even more. The Apple Lady's cake is my son Sam's favorite...I can not wait to make this one for him when he gets home from college, I know he will adore it.
Thank you Dorie for another fabulous recipe! The cake was even better the next day....

You can download the recipe HERE...

But I am loving this book so much...I think you really NEED to buy it!


  1. I *love* MFK Fisher, and How to Cook a Wolf is one of my very favorite of her works. Well done with the blog title, and my goodness, your cake looks fabulous!

  2. Thank you Nicky!
    You are so kind! I am glad you stopped by!

  3. Linda I am loving your participation in this..Love are making her so proud..The cake looks beautiful..I had never heard of those Springform pans before(The brand)..What an invention though..I love 'em..

    This looks soo good..

  4. Monique...I know you would love this one. It is "clafouti" like almost.
    More apple than cake...
    I hope there is a little sliver left for me for dessert tonight. The "mice" have been nibbling on it all day!
    Thank you so much for your kind words!

  5. One of my favorite springforms I got at a tag sale... god only knows how old it is but it has 2 bottoms, flat and a pole for angel food or bundt... very smart and cost 50¢ I think(and never leaked)!

    Lovely cake and your photos are just magical... love your light! How do you make batter look good???

    One of these days I must get a Dorie book. As it is a great friend died and left me every book that MFK wrote so I am working through them. Even though I've read most before... it is a joy. I agree with Nicky... your blog has a great title!

  6. SUBLIME! Oh my gosh Linda, those are the most delectable photos of this apple cake that I can imagine.

    So, my little temptress--YOU--- I'm off to amazon for the 8" pan. I love Daddio's bakeware.

    My ancient German springform is in sad shape, I dislike the way they lose their luster. Have never had that problem with the Daddio line, as long as you handwash and don't soak in water for long.

    I'd love to hear if Sam likes this one as well as the Apple Lady's Cake. (I like that one, too.)

    xoxo Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for all that you share with us.

  7. Thank you Mary, you are so very kind!
    ...but the Fat Daddio I got good.
    I am sending them back and I will probably get the Kaiser that I wanted in the first place...:)

  8. Your cake is beautiful, Linda. I definitely didn't have the magic touch when I tried it and will probably give it another shot. It's getting rave reviews.

  9. This I 'gotta' make! Gorgeous.........I love that the cake has chunks of apples in it.

  10. Thank you my friends...I appreciate your kind words.

    Hilary it is chunks of apples and very little else, so it is important to use really lovely "divers"apples.


  11. Yours is the second post I've seen that mentions Patricia Wells' apple cake. I've got the book, but haven't yet tried that recipe. It's making me think that it might be fun to have an apple cake-off, with Dorie's, Wells' and Moosewood's versions.

  12. The next time I get some apples, I will make this cake, Linda! It looks so pretty. Sorry to hear about the pans, though! :(

  13. Just beautiful, Linda...and I know it tasted fabulous! Yes, you better just buy the book :)

  14. Gorgeous Cake Linda!!!! I love your photograph shots, looks like out of a magazine.

    Must try this recipe......and buy the book. Have a great day!

  15. Thank you all for stopping by and for your kind words...I appreciate all of you!xo

    Nice to meet you onewetfoot! Thanks for stopping by!
    I have been making the Patricia Wells cake for years...give it whirl and see what you think. I really think that this recipe from Dorie is even better in many ways. Do you mean the Aunt Minnie's Apple cake from Moosewood? That cake is a whole different animal...

    JU...I know you would do a better job at slicing this cake than I did! It is a very wet cake...xoxoxo

  16. Do I ever agree with you about people buying the book. This is a beauty of a book, in all ways.

    Your cake came out as a beauty of a cake, in all ways.

    What a delicious cake!

  17. Your cake looks fablous! I agree with you in that it smelled the house up so nicely!My kids loved the cake and so did my hubby! It was easy to make and very tasty!

  18. It looks delicious and oh so pretty, Linda! Of course, I may have to make up a little batch of caramel sauce to serve with... *sigh*

  19. Thank you all for stopping by!

    Nice to meet you Flourchild and chayacomfycook!Thanks!

    My sweet Lori...this one might not be a candidate for caramel sauce as fabulous as it is :)...
    Try it first and see what you think.
    I used barely sweetened, softly whipped cream on it and that was not even really necessary...The flavor of the apples are star spices to get in the way.
    The rum and the vanilla compliment the flavor of the apples beautifully...
    On to the next recipe!

  20. I'm off to buy an 8" spring form pan (not Fat Daddie's. Thanks for posting your pictures -- that cake looks so good and my family will love it!

  21. Hope the cake is great Regina!

  22. I have heard so many good things about this cookbook, it's going on my wish list for Christmas. I am craving that apple cake now.

  23. Linda I know you will love this book...the apple cake is lovely...simple and delicious!
    Hugs to you!