Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Blog Showcase- Lori's Pecan Waffles

I struggled for years trying to make fabulous homemade pancakes. I finally got them down pat and now my family never complains. The perfect homemade waffle eluded me. My  older son, the waffle critic always declared them too crisp, too soft, too this ,too that...his father always agreed and they finally told me to give it up. They would just eat them at the local Diner." Just admit that you do not make a good home made waffle and move on. "
I refused to go down without a good fight...I took the challenge...I tried a lot of recipes. They just did not cut it.
I gave it one more chance. I tried my friend Lori's waffles....Voila!
The boy examined them carefully, he did not expect much...took a bite and a smile came over his face.
Perfect Mom...these are really good...

Thank you Lori for yet another wonderful recipe that will go in the keeper file. Next time I will have to make some minus the pecans because number two son will not eat nuts...hmmmmmm...picky...
Here is a link to Lori's wonderful recipe...PECAN WAFFLES

Thank to Lori at All that Splatters and Ann at Thibeault's Table for hosting the Saturday Blog showcase each and every week.


  1. Your waffles do look perfect! They are the best, aren't they?! My son learned to make them when he was 12 and continues to make them now for his wife. I'm so glad you and your family like them, too!

  2. Baby your waffles and your Matzo Balls!!!!!
    In fact I am preparing for Passover at the moment and your Matzo Balls will be the star of the show on Monday night's Seder...

  3. Oh dear, waffles are one of my weaknesses. With such enthusiastic recommendations I must try them.

  4. Goodness Linda, those look like waffle angels! I love the photos. I can't tell you how much I love pecans and maple syrup (and raspberries). I know what I'm making Easter morning!

  5. Oh Linda, the "too this, too that" comments are so familiar!! Its wonderful how you got it done perfect. They LOOK perfect, and coming from you (and your "critics"), I know they must taste awesome. If I'm making waffles, I'm using this recipe w/o any hesitation! Keep well and happy cooking!!


  6. I treated myself to a flip waffle maker this past Christmas so I WILL be trying this recipe. In fact, I'd like to make it this morning but I used up the last eggs in some cupcakes yesterday. :-(

    Thank you to you & Lori both for this 5***** recipe.

    Sorry I didn't join the SBS this weekend. I did post a family bread recipe, though from my own files.

  7. oh yes, the family, the biggest challenge sometimes. I love waffles since ever. With nuts I never tried, but I have to try soon...

  8. I HAVE to try these I have the waffle makers.. You're a such a good mom~
    Enjoy your Passover~

  9. I couldn't resist checking out your blog since I'm a big M.F.K. Fisher fan! I've had the same problem with pancakes and waffles. Big question, does the waffle iron have something to do with texture, etc. Mine is very old. Can't wait to check your blog out further.


  10. Hi Bonnie...glad you stopped by...:)
    I must say that I use to have an ancient waffle maker that my father in law found for me in a yard sale.
    I was always afraid to use it...I thought it would burst into flames at any moment...but it made better waffles than the newer one I have now. My son want to buy "me" a new round flip Belgian waffle maker. I told him I do not need it...but I know it is really for him! lol

    Thank you all for stopping by and commenting...

  11. Gotta love waffles. :-) They look great.

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  13. Linda ~ these look PERFECT in every way! I could eat waffles for any meal. Honestly they are one of my favorite dinners on a rainy/stormy evening. So easy to eat and comforting!

    Many kudos to you and Lori for showing the way. xo

  14. The waffles look marvelous! I'll try Lori's recipe...mine is ancient and we're getting bored with it!

  15. We're a buttermilk pancake family but I'm going to have to surprise everyone this weekend with these waffles...they look divine!

  16. don't these look fab! hope you are holding on in all your rain... egads bailing out your basement does not sound good... wishing you a dry and happy holiday!

  17. Waffles! These are lovely...for some reason mine never look as pretty! Maybe I need a new waffle iron.

  18. Like you, I've never been able to get the perfect waffle. I like to blame it on the waffle maker for not being hot enough, indent ot deep enough... etc... :P

    I'm going to bookmark this! Thanks for sharing. :)

  19. These look really good. I love pecans. I wonder if I could substitute rice milk and egg replacer for a nice vegan waffle recipe...

  20. I can't believe waffles can be produced like that! I think I need to learn how to prepare such creative snacks like that aside from attempting to learn how to cook beef.