Thursday, December 31, 2009

Redux of Goat Cheese with Olives, Lemon, and Thyme with Rosemary Flatbread

This is a re-post of one that I made back in October of 2008...this is a perfect recipe for New Years Eve or New Years Day....easy and so delicious...
Once again I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year...I am ringing out 2009 with a bang! Yesterday I sliced off a nice piece of my right thumb trying out my brand new Super Benriner mandoline...stupid? You bet? I was practicing with a little fingerling pun...and of course did not use the finger guard...stupid? YOU BET! So after a trip to the EMO and a bandage that looks like a baseball bat here I sit...not sure how much cooking I will do today, I can not get it wet and it was glued back together with some surgical glue... it is a beautiful snowy morning here in New Jersey. I am going to slap on the latex glove and get moving here...but I wanted to stop in and say hello!
Wishing all of you a very Happy and Healthy New Year! And lots of love!

This recipe was in the July issue of Gourmet. It is wonderful, especially with some homemade Crisp Rosemary Flatbread, recipe from the same issue. This was so good...each time I have made it we were ready to start licking the plate. So simple...yet the simple things are almost always the best!
The minute I saw this in the magazine it called to me! Love at first sight!
I just may never buy a cracker again!

Goat Cheese with Olives, Lemon and Thyme
Makes 4 (hors d'oeuvre) servings

by Maggie Ruggiero

1/2 cup assorted olives
3 fresh thyme sprigs
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 teaspoon grated lemon zest
1 (4- to 5-ounces) fresh goat-cheese medallion or 2 (2-ounces) goat-cheese buttons

Accompaniment: crisp rosemary flatbread

Heat olives, thyme, oil, zest, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper in a small skillet or saucepan over low heat until fragrant (do not simmer). Cool to room temperature.

Serve olive mixture over goat cheese.

Cooks' note: This dish can be prepared 2 hours ahead and kept, covered, at room temperature.

This is wonderful eaten with this crisp rosemary easy and there is so much one can do with the recipe...

Crisp Rosemary Flatbread

* Active time:15 min
* Start to finish:45 min

Gourmet/ July 2008

Think of it as a cracker version of rosemary-flecked flatbread. But these are the easiest crackers you’ll ever make: Rather than cutting the dough into small pieces, you bake three large pieces, then break them into smaller ones to serve. The jagged edges invite nibbling.

* 1 3/4 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
* 1 tablespoon chopped rosemary plus 2 (6-inch) sprigs
* 1 teaspoon baking powder
* 3/4 teaspoon salt
* 1/2 cup water
* 1/3 cup olive oil plus more for brushing
* Flaky sea salt such as Maldon

Preheat oven to 450°F with a heavy baking sheet on rack in middle.
Stir together flour, chopped rosemary, baking powder, and salt in a medium bowl. Make a well in center, then add water and oil and gradually stir into flour with a wooden spoon until a dough forms. Knead dough gently on a work surface 4 or 5 times.
Divide dough into 3 pieces and roll out 1 piece (keep remaining pieces covered with plastic wrap) on a sheet of parchment paper into a 10-inch round (shape can be rustic; dough should be thin).
Lightly brush top with additional oil and scatter small clusters of rosemary leaves on top, pressing in slightly. Sprinkle with sea salt. Slide round (still on parchment) onto preheated baking sheet and bake until pale golden and browned in spots, 8 to 10 minutes. Transfer flatbread (discard parchment) to a rack to cool, then make 2 more rounds (1 at a time) on fresh parchment (do not oil or salt until just before baking). Break into pieces.

Cooks’ note: Flatbread can be made 2 days ahead and cooled completely, then kept in an airtight container at room temperature.

Recipe by Maggie Ruggiero


  1. Linda, you poor thing!!! I thought I was the only klutzy one around here! :( Here's to a quick healing process!

    I am so making your goat cheese and flatbread appy today. I've been wanting to try this for some time. Your photos are gorgeous!

  2. I was going to make it...not sure if i can now...we shall is snowing like crazy...hope I can get to the store today...or else we shall have to get really creative!

  3. I'm so sorry about your finger. I have done that TWICE myself and I know how it hurts. Use the finger guard next time. Love the flatbread and goat cheese recipe. Happy New Year.

  4. I want to get up and make this now too:) No goat cheese:( But it looks delish and I will soon!Poor you!! Kate at Serendipity did that too..Jacques did it w/ a service knife:( Needed stitches!

    Heal well....and Happy New Year..

    To the girl who first made me crave flavored salts...

  5. Monique I will glad love being remembered as that girl!

    I am such an idiot really...I sliced all the potatoes with my chef's knife for that potato pizza...the slices were paper thin. Why did I feel a sudden urge to have a mandoline...:(
    Thank goodness for surgical is just a pain...I am a lefty but it seems I do a lot with my right hand...
    Oh well...I will never not use the finger guard again...say that three times fast!

    Happy New Year my friends....enjoy!

  6. Oh, my. I've sliced my fingers with the mandoline too. TWICE. (slow learner) The latex glove will help, but it creates its own problems, especially if you hate the smell of latex in your food.

    The good news is that fingertips heal quickly. You recover the feeling too. My mandoline now has a muzzle--you know that you can't trust them after they've tasted human blood!

    Thanks for this recipe. I lovelovelove goat cheese. And the flatbread is a definite plus!


  7. Oh Linda, Linda!!! Oh dear! I hope the pain is gone and your poor finger is better already. The dish & photos are really pretty but I can't stop thinking about your poor finger :( Take care!

  8. Oh no! I hope your finger is better by now Linda. I pain for you....i have sliced my finger/s many times n it hurts and throbs and yes I grab the latex gloves too...thank god for them....what are we to do without them I cant imagine!

    heal well n quick little finger....

  9. Thanks for the reminder about this yummy appetizer. Wish I had all the stuff right now - would be great on this snowy evening.
    Your photos are excellent too!

  10. I love it that you can whip it together quickly ... like for a friend that drops by unexpectedly and you want a beautiful nosh... sorry about the accident... I have done the same thing!!

  11. I hope you are feeling better :)

    You have a great combo of flavors in your dish! :)

  12. I love this recipe and your photos make me want to get in the kitchen and make it right NOW!

    Always good to talk to you my friend. xo

  13. Linda.....your photo's look great! I've been meaning to try and make this but now for sure I will after I see your photo's.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope that your finger is better.:-)