Thursday, December 10, 2009

It is a wonderful time of the year....

Visit Food With Style today for some wonderful holiday inspiration....I would like to thank our dear friend Jain for taking the time to post all the wonderful and delicious looking pictures for all to enjoy in one place. I know it makes my morning each day when I stop by and see what is new and exciting...

Here are some of my previous years holiday treats...

I am looking forward to getting started.....tomorrow is the first night of Chanukah

Then we move on to Christmas....

I am looking forward to my whole family being together again under one roof.

It is a wonderful time of year....

Happy Holidays Everyone!


  1. I love the music.. the treats..the gold writing..the sparkles and the men and trees:)I hope you get the last part:)

    Happy Happy Holidays to you and yours under one glorious roof!!!

  2. Beautiful treats, Linda! I want to try my hand at making marshmallows again, as well as several other of your gems! Yum -

  3. oh these are beautiful! i am going to save up another batch of holiday cookie pics and post them in 2 weeks so we can all have another hunk of fabulous fun!

    those trees are gorgeous!

    thanks for mentioning fws and thanks for sharing!

  4. Love you guys...wish we could all have a cookie exchange and a glass of bubbly fun would that be!

  5. Happy holidays to you too, Linda. Your cookies are little works of art. Aawwww, a cookie exchange would be something, wouldn't it? It's fun to think about.

  6. Happy holidays to you Linda. what lovely treats.

  7. Your gingerbread people are adorable and those trees are beautiful, but those crescent cookies are my fav!

  8. Happy holidays, dear Linda! I hope you have a wonderful time with your fmaily! :) Everything you've shared with us is simply lovely! I'm so happy to have gotten to know you and your wonderful blog!

  9. Linda.....your cookies look amazing. i better get cracking and start on some of mine.
    Cute those gingerbread 'guys'.

  10. the marshmallows look awesome. is that marshmallows? Linda, have a wonderful winter holiday. Anja

  11. Hey Anja...yes those are marshmallows...the recipe is in the December section of 2008 if you are interested...

    Sorry I just saw this...
    How you had a Merry Christmas!