Friday, December 19, 2008

Behind schedule....

I have not been around too much. I have had bronchitis way too long and a cough that sounds like I smoke 5 packs a Camels a day. I do not smoke at all....
Today I was going to try and get some baking done and one of my best friend's sons called me and said he wanted to make marshmallows for his friends for Christmas presents. He got home from Duke the other day and I had not seen him so I said to come
on is snowing today. We have about 6 inches of snow and 2 of ice pellets...yuck.

Well...we made three batches of marshmallows for him and one for me...used Martha Stewarts was fun...
But all of the butter I have out on the counter is going back in the fridge.
Tomorrow is another day!

It was nice to watch the snow fall...hear the KA whirring like crazy and watching the magical marshmallows turn fluffy and white!

I still have my older son out at a friends house. He is finishing up a school project. I will not relax until he is home safe and sound...I am not crazy about him driving in the ice and mess... is almost 6:00...a martini is calling me!


  1. Linda, First of all ~ I hope you're feeling better soon. ((Hugs))

    I LOVE your new look here! Very nice.

    Making marshmallows on a wintery day sounds perfect to me... and so does a pre-dinner martini!

    Cheers to you ~ and safe travels to son #1.