Saturday, November 1, 2008

What happened to Thanksgiving?

Two days ago I was in one of my favorite markets and noticed all vestiges of Halloween had already been put away...and all of the Christmas "stuff" was going up on the shelves...The Panetones, chocolates, all of it....
What ever happened to Thanksgiving ? It is my very favorite holiday...I love the food, I love the whole idea of gifts, no is all about the food.
This kind of makes me sad. I remember as a kid that the Winter holiday season started the day after Thanksgiving...soon it will be the day after Labor Day...
Even though we had a freak early dusting of snow the other was gone by the end of the afternoon...just a is still too early for me to get into the "spirit of things"....

So maybe I should start baking these cookies really soon....nah...I like the pressure of waiting until the last minute, when the smells and excitement and aromas are where they should be...

Right now I would rather think about baking this...

and this....

Dreams of turkey, and stuffing, and yams, and gravy, and pies...are dancing in my head!


  1. Oh Linda, I'm right there with you... I couldn't believe they were stocking the shelves with Xmas stuff (even as far back as a month ago!)

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorites, too. It is what it is. All about family, friends, comfort, and food without the hassle of other obligations.

    Your baked goodies are masterpieces ~ and those pies are perfection.

    Oh my, a snow dusting already? Stay snug my friend.

  2. I just love you. :-) Great post.

  3. Oh... I send you both a gigantic cyber hug...a really tight one!
    Did you feel it?
    L :*

  4. those darn cookies and pies have me salivating right now. i need to make my cookies now, i am painfully slow about doing it, it take me ages, i need to make them in stages. one day make the dough, take a nap... next day cut out shapes, take a nap. day after bake, nap. decorate them? well that requires a full on vacation after that!